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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  January 27, 2018 5:30am-6:00am EST

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right now on nbc 10 news today, packing up, the eagles are getting ready for tomorrow flights in minneapolis for super bowl 52. we'll here from players on how to leave the distractions behind. superfan, you'll meet a man who has collected more eagles jerseys than most people can fit inside their closet. and the philadelphia auto show rose into the pennsylvania convention center today. we're live with a preview. good morning. welcome back to nbc 10 news today. it's 5:30 on this saturday morning. we're looking at a pretty nice day. let's get to the first alert neighborhood forecast with our meteorologist crystal. >> reporter: good morning. this is going to be a really nice saturday. it's what we're calling a mixed bag weekend. today better of the two days. if you want to get outside, today is the day to do it.
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the current temperature map, 24-hour change. this is comparing right now to 24 hours ago. we are warmer already. six degrees warmer in allentown. 3 degrees warmer in philly. areas south, dover 14 degrees warmer. mt. holly, 11 degrees warmer. vineland, 21 degrees warmer and atlantic city is 17 degrees warmer. it's a big difference compared to yesterday morning. there are numbers. the 38 in atlantic city, and philadelphia 29 degrees. some of us are still below freezing but better than yesterday at this time. here's the radar and satellite. a clear picture. i think today you're going to get a good bit of sunshine. mostly sunny, turning partly cloudy late into the day. that's why we turn partly cloudy, because we have another front moving in. and that means more rain moving our way, too. that rain is going to make for a much more damp forecast on your sunday. the next few hours of your saturday are looking pretty good. we'll go from the 20s to the 30s at 8:00 a.m.
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look at that. by 11:00 a.m., thanks for the southwest wind, flirting with 50 already. we'll talk about how high we go on your saturday coming up. with the super bowl just eight days away, the eagles are packing their bags. they're scheduled to fly out to minnesota tomorrow. nbc 10 good an inside look at the complex yesterday. with super bowl logos on their clothing, they say they're trying to contain their excitement. the players say they want to stay focussed on football, leaving ticket requests and other distractions behind. >> dealing with tickets, you know, a bunch of different tickets. you have to figure that out. having this week to deal with that is nice. >> they did a great job making sure we got our tickets out of the way now. that's cool. that's one of the biggest distractions, probably, getting your family stuff together. and another eagle tells us
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he's going to minnesota to win. then enjoy everything else once the big game is over. well, if you think you have a big eagles jersey collection, how does it stack up to this one? a man has more than 200 jerseys from the popular ones like mcnab to players like gaiter. he represents his team every day in every different style. another man started his collection 25 years ago and just keeps adding to it. he wore hid 138th jersey of the season yesterday. >> i mean, i look at someone who drinks coffee every day, that's weird. people might think this is strange. >> he says he still hasn't decided which jersey will be the lucky one that he'll wear on super bowl sunday. the eagles quarterback is talking for the first time since he had season ending surgery.
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he wishes he could be playing at the superbowl. he's hoping to be back for the saturday of next season. >> my goal is to be ready for week one. i'm going to push and do everything i can to be ready. >> he says he's focussed on trying to help nick foles as much as he can. you'll hear more from carson wentz coming up later this half hour. we're sending an entire super bowl squad to minneapolis to give you insight into the game that you won't find anywhere else. count on our coverage now through super bowl sunday. new this morning, police are investigating a double shooting outside a bar in north philadelphia. nbc 10 was on the scene at 27th and sergeant streets. fine fire broke out after 2:00 this morning hitting two men in their 30s with bullets piercing cars as well. one victim is in the hospital. the other is now listed in stable condition. also new this morning, two people are in the hospital after
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a car crash in bucs county. we are working to find out more about the victim's conditions. nbc 10 was on the scene along route 1 and langhorne. several cars collided around 1:30 this morning. traffic is being detoured while the cause of the crash is investigated. a atlantic county doctor accused of ordering his wife's murder is found dead in his jail cell in an apparent suicide. he was found face down on his bed with a torn sheet around his neck. he left a six-page suicide note. dhor dho authorities and family members accused him of having his wife killed to keep her from revealing a drug ring. >> i think he realized he'd been found out. the game was up. i guess this was his answer. april coughman was found dead inside her home in 2012. she was a popular radio host and
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veteran's advocate. the new jersey governor is rolling back gun regulations passed during the christie administration. the regulations were designed to make it easier for people with a state-issued permit to carry handguns in any state that allows concealed weapons. the governor says citizens will have to show a justifiable need to get a permit to carry handguns. the change could take place in six months. today is the first day of the philadelphia auto show and visitors will get to check out hundreds of cars. they could also meet a former eagle. nbc 10 is live at the pennsylvania convention center to tell us more about what's happening today. >> reporter: i had to get into a car. nothing like new car smell, by the way. this is a 2018 chevy volt. the cool thing about this car, it can go 420 miles on a full tank of gas, and a full charge. this is what you're going to see. a lot more hybrids on the
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market. this car specific will set you back just about $34,000. and here at the auto show it's cool because you not only see the cars that are on the market right now. you also get a sense of what's happening in the future. in fact, when it comes to hybrid and electric cars, ford has said it's going to add 40 hybrid and electric cars to the fleet by 2022. gm, 20 new battery electric and fuel celled vehicles by 2023. it's definitely the wave of the future. we're going to get in more cars, check things out, show you the new things that are on the market. we're going to stay here at the convention center. nbc 10 news. >> all right. thank you. place your bets. people are wagering on more than the super bowl score. we'll run through some of the side issues people are also betting on. >> oh, my gosh. plus road warning. this video of police officer nearly being hit by a car is being used to send a big
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather. good morning. we are tracking really a mixed weekend. a little bit of something for everyone. if you prefer the rain, just wait until tomorrow. but today dry conditions. and looking at mostly sunny conditions. as we run through the hour by hour model, look at the temperatures, the winds and the precipitation. 4:00 p.m. this afternoon, cooler, north and west. many of us still tapping into the 50s here because of the southwest winds pumping in the warmer air and keeping us with temperatures warmer than average. 8:00, clouds spreading across the board. mild and still dry. then we get to the overnight hours. tomorrow different story than today.
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rain starts early. this is at 2:00 a.m. it spreads across the board. not heavy but steady across the map. this is at 8:00 a.m. as you're getting out early on your sunday, maybe heading to church, you are going to notice the rain coming down. snag the umbrella before you head out the door. temperatures still mild. no chance of icy roadways. no snow just rain with the mid upper 40s and even possibly 50s. the winds die out north and west throughout the morning hours. it will start to thin throughout the afternoon hours by 7:00 p.m. just a little rain lingering along parts of the shore and southern delaware with temperatures still very mild in the mid upper 40s. but then we start to cool down. we'll talk about the rest of your workweek and what to expect in minneapolis coming up. happening today, a new class of first responders will graduate from wilmington's fire academy. the commencement ceremony is set to happen at 1:00.
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17 recruits will become full flej firefighters. the academy is dedicated to three firefighters who died in the line of duty in 2016. the eagles will be leaving for minnesota tomorrow. one player claims the birds are already getting hospitality. and we're learning carson wen wentz''s injury was worse than we first thought. we'll talk about his recovery timetablan to help his teammates in the super bowl.
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defense secretary james mattis is reminding the world about the korean crisis. mattis met with his south korean counterpart in hawaii yesterday. the secretary says a nuclearized
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north korea remains a threat despite the parpg in the olympics in south korea. he says u.s. diplomacy should make them realize the missile program is unacceptable to the global program. hamilton township police are urging people to follow the move over law and they released new video to show why the law is necessary. >> oh, my god. holy -- >> wow. this video shows an officer jumping out of the way of a passing car. this happened during a traffic stop along harding highway, last week. the officer was not hurt. under the move over law drivers should change lanes away from emergency vehicles if possible. and they should also drive past the scenes slowly. this year the number of flu cases is surging hitting state after state and south jersey is not immune. in january camden county reported -- yesterday there were
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439 cases. the number of cases more than doubled in three weeks. >> it's too early in the season to know how it will rank among other seasons. it's clear this is a very bad season. >> my take is because this virus lingers for such a long time, people are probably going back to work or school. >> the doctor tells us he thinks the effectiveness of this year's flu vaccine will be about 30%. he says getting the shot will absolutely lessen the length and severity of flu symptoms. well, we all know it's nothing new this playoff season. odds makers have the eagles as super bowl underdogs but you can also wager on more than just the score. las vegas is offering 400 proposition or side bets on this year's game. let's start with the national anthem. you can pick which quarterback will be shown first during the star spangled banner on nbc's broadcast. will it be come brady or nick
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foles? the odds show it's a tossup. and speaks of the anthem, pink is a big eagles fan. she's slightly favored not to mention the birds before, during, or after her rendition of the anthem. you can also bet on philadelphia's most famous underdog rocky balboa. the bet is for the number of times the statue will be shown during the super bowl. sylvester stallone posted this yesterday. it's a photo from "rocky 4" showing him dressed in eagles gear and his opponent wearing a patriot's jersey. the caption reads we know who is going to win the super bowl. underdog to top dog. #flyeaglesfly. we are on the verge of an excellent day for weather. let's get to crystal with a
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temperature today that's in the high 50s. right, crystal? >> that's right. we're looking at a really nice weekend forecast. a couple minutes ago, i went through the hour by hour for saturday and sunday. now i want to show the official forecast highs on the board for both days of your weekend. both days are mild and warmer than average. the average today is 41 degrees into philly. no. we're forecasting a high of 57. that's going to be really nice. 54 in the suburbs. 55 in new jersey and 49 at the jersey shore with mostly sunny conditions and scattered clouds in the afternoon. on sunday that's when we have the rain for at least the morning hours in philadelphia, and then a little longer for new jersey, the shore and delaware. temperatures still mild. low 50s for philly in the su suburbs. 50 at the shore. let's go over this quickly. i want to extend into the workweek. there's the sunday morning.
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it minimizing into the afternoon. it moves off to sea. we still have some rain over jersey and delaware on your sunday afternoon. plan for the umbrella if you have plans tomorrow. how about monday morning? the commute doesn't look bad. fairly clear. some models try to give an isolated arerain shower, but it mostly dry until the overnight. 6:30, a little action on the west edge of the board. overnight around midnight we start to see a rain/snow mix. this is going to turn over to all snow. light snow for tuesday morning commute. a chance of light snow returns to the region on your tuesday morning commute. it starts to break down through the afternoon hours. we're not talking a lot of snow, but there's a little chance that while we have rain sunday, it may be light snow on tuesday morning. now we're switching gears. we're talking minneapolis. there's the next seven days for those of you making the travel. tuesday, chance of snow moves in lingering into wednesday
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morning. temperatures will be higher as a result of the cloud coverage. look at that drop. these are high temperatures thursday friday when a lot of people will start to get to minneapolis. only 10 degrees on friday. another chance of saturday that may linger into super bowl sunday morning. as for the low temperatures, brutal. single digits monday, tuesday. check this out. by friday morning, six below zero. we're starting at zero on saturday for those of you that are getting ready to cheer on the eagles. the super bowl, the models are all over the place on this thing. it could change. some models want it about 15 degrees. some have it starting closer to bezero. for now 10 for kickoff. 6 halftime, and 2 by end of time. lingering light snow showers to start the game. the windchill may be 10 below zero into the end of the game. 57 today and 53 for tomorrow
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with rainier conditions through the morning hours of tomorrow. as i mentioned, light snow by tuesday. look at the cooldown. a roller coaster from 50s down 30s on tuesday, and then there's another pickup. we could see a little snow/snow mix by the end of sunday for those staying home to watch the super bowl. this is sports desk brought do you by xfinity. x 1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> good morning. happy saturday. i'm danny from the nbc sports ya as the eagles are cruising into the regular season, we imagine carson wentz will be the guy leading them to minneapolis, but the birds found their way there without him taking the snaps. he was seen at practice yesterday without crutches or a cane. a great sign. he also spoke to the media for the first time since he suffered the season ending injury. here's the revelation.
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his knew injury was worse than previously reported. he tore his acl and lcl. we'll change the rehab schedule and plan to be back for the season opener. >> again, i'm confident in talking with trainers the rehab schedule doesn't change a whole lot. just have to be careful. feeling confident with it, and i know -- i said in my video i posted right after the injury, i believe i'll be back better than ever, stronger than ever, and there's no looking back. this guy knows how to support his team. look at the reaction from when nick foles dominated the championship game throwing for 352 yards and two touchdowns. wentz believes he can still play a role in the eagles winning the super bowl even the foales makig the start against the patriots. >> coming in mornings. i'm trying to do what they did for me. help them, be with me in the
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film room and everything and talk to guys and say what i see and stuff as well. nick has done a great job. he's taken the leadership role. i'm trying to help support him the best i can. every time i'm on the field on sundays, it's tough. it hits me a little, but then i'm in it. i love these guys and i'm a part of this team as much as anybody else. >> over the past week, there's a lot has been made between the bad blood between fans. a man says i've called three restaurants in minneapolis to get a reservation for me and my teammates and can't get in. well played. >> the guys can't eat? >> let's turn to the sixers. during the shoot around marco's shoulder looks all right to me. he drains this full court shot, 90 footer. justin anderson
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trevor booker for the one-handed whammy. sixers knock off the spurs 97-78. that's a look anotht your sport. enjoy your day.
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today a south jersey
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organization will help make prom dreams come true. the prom closet of new jersey is giving girls the chance for shop for discounted dresses, shoes and accessories. some gowns will cost around $10. the event begins at eastern regional high school. also today a musical fundraiser set for new castle county. a concert at the newark country club from 2:00 to 6:00. it features a former member of grand funk railroad. the money goes to various charities. coming up on 6:00. up next how die hard fans are sending the eagles off to the super bowl. it is a preview of a car show this morning. >> reporter: we are in the north american truck of the year. i'll show you some of the features that make it stand out from the rest. that's coming up.
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if you live near the area, it would be a good day to walk to the auto show. clear conditions. a great saturday forecast. tomorrow, though, that's an indoor day. the rain returns. we'll talk about the ups and downs coming up. also coming up this morning, on the road to minneapolis. we're following the road trip to super bowl 52. we'll check in with randy on the road coming up next.
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right now on the nbc 10 news today, fans are pumped at the birds get ready to take flight to minneapolis for super bowl 2 52. rev your engines. it's time to get a look at the newest hottest cars as the philadelphia auto show opens today. we're live with a preview. a weekend warmup. we're tracking rain as we take a look at the ben franklin parkway. we'll let you know when it will arrive in your first neighborhood forecast. good morning. welcome to nbc 10 news today. it's 6:00 on this saturday morning. certainly it's nice to be with you. let's get to your nbc 10 first aneighborhood forecast with our meteorologist, crystal. good morning, crystal.


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